Sisal Rope Zig Zag Parrot Perch – Extra Large

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Product Description

With a central metal core you can bend and stretch out your Sisal Rope Zig Zag Parrot Perch – XLarge into a whole load of fun and interesting shapes.

There are connectors at both ends, so your bird can feel safe and secure whilst perching and climbing along their perch, inside or outside of their cage.

The uneven surface ensures your bird’s feet are kept well exercised, and the natural sisal fibres are comfortable for your bird to stand on to rest and perch. Sisal is very fine but very strong.

When your Parrot isn’t resting, there’s hundreds of natural sisal fibres to preen, keeping your bird’s beak and mind occupied as well as helping to reduce feather destructive behaviours for a beautiful looking companion.

You can easily tie on other materials such as cotton and leather to give your bird more materials to play with.


  • Diameter 3cm (1.5″)
  • Length 150cm (59“) (When stretched out fully)


  • Sisal, Plastic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.65 kg
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