Seagrass Tent Natural Parakeet & Parrot Toy

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Product Description

Parrot hideaway made from woven seagrass.

This Seagrass Tent Natural Parakeet & Parrot Toy is a comfortable place for your bird to hide away in.

The woven seagrass provides hundreds of fibres for your bird to pick at and unravel as they rest and you can always weave in extra material for added interest.

Use the plastic link provided to securely and quickly fasten this Seagrass Tent Parrot Toy to your bird’s cage or play gym stand.

Once hung up, it doesn’t take long for your Parrot to start showing off their fine acrobatic skills as they climb around, through and over their Seagrass Tent, helping to keep them active and healthy through play.


  • Total Length 20cm (8”)
  • Width 18cm (7”)
  • Depth 18cm (7”)
  • Inside height 15cm (5.9”)


  • Seagrass, Plastic


  • Weight: 0.34 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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