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Product Description

Peek-a-Boo – Seagrass Hideaway!

Intended for the comfort of your parrot, this hideaway provides a cosy retreat for your feathered companion.

  • Natural Seagrass Build: Perfect for peeking and playing.
  • Durable Hideaway: A cosy retreat for rest and relaxation.
  • Easy to Hang: Quick setup in any birdcage.
  • Chewable Delight: Safe for beak grooming and fun.

Keep your parrot entertained and comfortable with our Seagrass Tent Natural Parakeet & Parrot Toy. It’s a straightforward, no-fuss toy that doubles as a peaceful hideaway for your feathered friend.

This parrot toy is made from natural seagrass. It’s a safe material for your parrot to peck at and pull apart without any harm. The seagrass also gives the parrot tent a soft feel that parrots love to snuggle against, making it a cosy spot for them to rest.

Parrots like having their own space. This parakeet tent acts as a parrot hideaway, giving them a sense of security and a place to escape when they want some quiet time. It’s like a little room inside their cage where they can take a break.

Hanging this parrot toy in your bird’s cage is easy. It comes with hooks that fit most bird cages, so you can quickly give your parrot a new place to explore. You can hang it low for easy access or higher up for a bit of a challenge.

This small parrot toy is designed to withstand even the most playful and energetic parrots. Made from durable materials, it can endure rough chewing and repeated use without breaking down. Your feathered friend can have a blast with this toy every day, and you can feel confident that it will remain a beloved part of their playtime routine for a long time to come.

This seagrass parrot tent adds a bit of fun to your companion’s day. It’s a simple parakeet toy that lets them hide away, play around, and rest up after a busy day of being a pet parrot.

With this Seagrass Tent, you’re giving your parrot a natural toy that meets their need to chew, climb, and have a bit of privacy. It’s a practical, enjoyable addition to their cage that will help keep them happy and active.


  • Total Length 20cm (8”)
  • Width 18cm (7”)
  • Depth 18cm (7”)
  • Inside height 15cm (5.9”)


  • Seagrass, Plastic


  • Weight: 0.34 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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