Rock & Roll Swinging Parakeet & Parrot Toy

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Fun parrot toy promoting activity in smaller Pet Parrots.

Transform your feathered pal’s habitat into a vibrant playground with the Rock & Roll Swinging Parakeet & Parrot Toy!

  • Enhances Agility: Encourages climbing and swinging to improve coordination.
  • Stimulates the Mind: Colorful beads and varying textures pique curiosity.
  • Customizable Fun: Easily add ropes, ladders, or bells for added entertainment.
  • Safe and Secure: Made with non-toxic materials for worry-free playtime.

This delightful and entertaining swinging parrot toy is a wonderful addition to any parrot’s cage or stand. The toy is designed to introduce an activity play parrot perch and swing to your parrot’s environment, promoting physical activity and mental stimulation.

The parrot toy is crafted with wooden dowel perches and colourful bead arches, providing ample space for your smaller pet bird to jump, climb, and play. The different textures and colors of the toy help to encourage your bird’s natural curiosity, keeping them engaged and entertained for hours.

The Rock & Roll Swinging Parakeet & Parrot Toy is a great accessory that can help keep your bird active and engaged. This parrot toy is specifically designed to encourage your bird to land or climb onto the perches, which can provide an excellent exercise for their agility and coordination. This bird toy has multiple perches that are made of durable and safe materials that can withstand your bird’s weight and movements.

To make the toy more fun and enriching, you can add rope, leather, or bells to it. The rope can be tied around the perches and used as a swing, while the leather can be used to create a ladder or a bridge. The bells can be attached to different parts of the toy to provide your bird with new sounds to explore. These additional elements can also offer your bird new challenges that can help keep them mentally stimulated and entertained.

It’s important to note that the bird toy is made of non-toxic materials that are safe for your bird to play with. You should also ensure that the parrot toy is securely fastened to your pet bird’s cage to prevent any accidents. By introducing the Rock & Roll Swinging Parakeet & Parrot Toy into your bird’s routine, you can help keep them active, healthy, and happy.

The parrot toy is very easy to attach to your parrot’s cage or stand with the link provided. This means you can quickly and easily set up the toy and watch your bird play and enjoy their new toy in no time.


  • Length 28cm (11″)
  • Width 10cm (3.9″)


  • Wood, Metal.


  • Weight: 0.14 kg
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