Rattle Foot Parrot Toy – Medium

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Product Description

Durable materials create a rolling Rattle Foot Toy Medium which your parrot can push around or pick up and shake.

The clear centre is filled with a variety of bright coloured beads, all different shapes, which tumble around making lots of noise.

There is no doubt that your parrot is going to enjoy pushing and chasing this Rattle Foot Toy Medium around as well as trying to find a way to get at all those beads, which unfortunately for your parrot are securely sealed inside. Although they are sure to keep trying!

For more puzzling fun a plastic hoop slides and rotates around the centre of the Rattle, not only does it provide another way for your parrot to grip and hold their foot toy, it is sure to keep their mind busy as they work out how they can remove it.

Filled with multiple, colourful beads and a bright, movable plastic ring, the Rattle Medium toy will keep your parrot fully entertained for hours on end.


  • Length 20cm (7.81″)
  • Diameter 2.5cm (1”)


  • Tough acrylic and plastic beads.


  • Weight: 0.08 kg
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