Rainbow Bell Ringing Swing – Perch & Preen Parrot Toy

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Swirls of Colour – Perch in Paradise!

Transform your parrot’s cage into a fun-filled carnival with the Rainbow Bell Ringing Swing. This enchanting swing is a beautiful burst of colour and texture that will capture your bird’s attention, providing hours of stimulation and engagement.

  • Engaging Design: Colourful knotted ropes to satisfy the chewing and preening urges.
  • Auditory Appeal: Bells will provide pleasing sounds during play.
  • Comforting Perch: Soft cotton ropes for a snug resting place.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with a secure pear link for quick attachment to any bird habitat.

Crafted with colourful knotted cotton ropes, this parrot swing provides a soft and comfortable spot for your parrot to chew and preen. The knots present a fun challenge, encouraging your feathered friend to untangle and unravel, promoting their problem-solving skills and satisfying their natural urge to groom.

The ropes’ plush fibres are gentle on your parrot’s delicate feathers, making this bird swing a fun activity and a tool to prevent over-preening. Offering an alternative material to fuss over helps maintain your companion’s plumage in pristine condition, reducing the risk of developing stress-related behaviours.

The Parrot Swing is not just an engaging bird toy but also a delight for the ears. The preening bird perch toy has shiny metal bells attached to the bottom, making a cheerful jingle every time the parrot swings and pecks. This sound is an essential part of the bird perch’s appeal, providing an auditory stimulation that’s pleasing to the parrot’s ears and a joyful background to their daily routine.

Personalising playtime is simple with this preening bird perch. The structure allows for the addition of other materials that your parrot adores, from tantalising treats to crinkle paper, enhancing the interactive experience. This customisable aspect ensures that the parrot perch toy remains fresh and exciting, adapting to your bird’s changing preferences.

Installation is a breeze; the bird toy comes with a sturdy pear link, ensuring secure and stable fastening to your bird’s cage or play gym stand. This durable connection means that the swing can support your parrot’s climbs, hangs, and lounges upon their colourful perch.

The Rainbow Bell Ringing Swing is more than just a parrot swing; it’s a retreat that promotes active play, mental health, and a sense of security. The vibrant hues mirror the essence of a rainbow, bringing a splash of outdoor brilliance to your parrot’s indoor world.

With this bird perch & swing, your parrot can enjoy endless hours of fun and entertainment. Every swing and ruffle of the ropes brings them closer to contentment, and every ring of the bell is a source of pure, unadulterated joy. Let your bird swing into bliss with this amazing toy that dangles from above, giving them a destination to play and be happy.


  • Total Length: 44cm (17.5″)
  • Diameter: 27cm (10.6″)


  • Metal, Cotton, Leather


  • Weight: 0.36 kg
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