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High in nutritional value Parrot and Bird sprouting mix.

Parrot and Bird Sprouting Mix consisting of 14 healthy & balanced ingredients for your bird. The Parrot and Bird Sprouting mix is packed of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients nature intended.

The sprouting mix is easy to prepare, easily sprouted, low in fat, high in protein, and 100% edible. This soaking mix for pet birds is a great source of protein and very high in natural nutrients.

Just soak for a day or two, rinsing occasionally and serve in combination with your parrot’s daily diet.


  • It can be kept for 4 – 5 days after soaking or sprouting. 
  • Keep refrigerated after soaking or sprouting.


  • Safflower seed, buckwheat, red dari, wheat, white dari, oats, barley, yellow millet, paddy rice, rice, white millet, peeled oats, vetches.


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