Psittacus Mini Complete Parrot Food


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Product Description

Psittacus Mini Maintenance Formula is a complete maintenance diet for smaller Parrots.

  • An extruded diet that meets the nutritional needs of smaller Parrots
  • Filled with taste and texture
  • Only high quality ingredients used
  • Suitable for Cockatiel. Cockatoo, Small and Large Conure and Caique

The Psittacus provides your parrot a stronger health, calmer behaviour, smoother skin & silkier plumage.

This Psittacus Mini Parrot Food 3kg has been specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of non-breeding smaller Parrots.

This extruded diet is highly palatable, both for its taste and texture.

Created using high quality ingredients, you’ll find no GMO ingredients, no artificial colours, preservatives or antioxidants

Also available in bigger size – Psittacus Mini Complete Parrot Food 3Kg

Directions for use

  • Whilst designed to be fed as 100% of your Parrot’s daily diet, it is recommended to feed around 60-70% Psittacus and offer vegetables, sprouting seeds, nuts, and fruits for other 30-40% to provide enriching variety. Simultaneous use with water for drinking in which choline chloride has been added should be avoided. Store in a cool, dry place.

Daily intake

  • Daily intake is between 9 and 15 % of the animal’s body weight. For example, a Cockatiel will consume between 7 and 17 g per day.

By incorporating the Psittacus Mini Formula into your parrot’s feeding routine, you are ensuring that they are not just fed but nourished. Its composition reflects the latest avian nutritional science, providing peace of mind that your pet is receiving a diet that supports their health, vitality, and feather condition. For Composition, Additives & Analytical constituents see full label.


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