Psittacus Micro Complete Parrot Food


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Product Description

Psittacus Formula Micro Complete Parrot Food Diet

The Psittacus provides your parrot a stronger health, calmer behaviour, smoother skin & silkier plumage.

  • Optimal Nutrition: Specially crafted for budgerigars, cockatiels, grass parakeets, Bourke’s parrots and other parakeets.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: 100% high-quality, non-GMO ingredients with no artificial colouring or synthetic antioxidants.
  • Tailored Intake: Recommended intake tailored to species, accounting for up to 18% of body weight.
  • Versatile Feeding: Suitable for both young and adult birds during non-reproductive periods.

The Psittacus Formula Micro is a premium Complete Parrot Food that provides a balanced and complete diet tailored specifically for small parrot species such as budgerigars, cockatiels, grass parakeets, and Bourke’s parrots. This comprehensive food solution is designed to meet the nuanced dietary needs of these birds, who thrive on a diet primarily composed of grass seeds. With a commitment to quality, Psittacus ensures that each pellet contains only the finest non-GMO ingredients, guaranteeing maximum nutrient concentration without any artificial flavourings or colourings.

Available in bigger size – Psittacus Micro Complete Parrot Food 1kg

Directions for Use:

  • This Complete Parrot Food is intended to be the sole diet for your birds during non-reproductive periods. The micro-sized pellets are perfect for small beaks, making it easy for your parrots to consume their food without waste. Psittacus Formula Micro should constitute 70-80% of the bird’s total intake, ensuring they receive all the necessary nutrients to maintain optimal health.

Daily Intake:

  • The daily consumption of Psittacus Formula Micro should be around 10% of the body weight for cockatiels and can go up to 18% for budgerigars, depending on the ambient temperature and the bird’s activity level. Monitoring your bird’s intake is crucial to ensure they are not over or underfeeding.

By choosing Psittacus Formula Micro for your pet, you are not only providing a meal but also ensuring a complete, balanced, and wholesome diet. The formula supports the overall health of your parrot, enhancing feather quality, boosting energy levels, and promoting a robust immune system. It’s the ideal choice for parrot owners who want the very best for their feathered companions, ensuring their dietary needs are met with precision and care. Store the food in a cool, dry place to maintain its freshness and quality. With Psittacus, you are not just feeding; you are nourishing your parrots for a vibrant and energetic life. For Composition, Additives & Analytical constituents see full label.


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