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Product Description

Psittacus Lory Pearls: A Nutritional Treasure for Lories and Lorikeets

Psittacus provides your parrot a stronger health, calmer behaviour, smoother skin & silkier plumage.

  • Specially Formulated: Tailored for the unique dietary needs of lories and lorikeets.
  • Nutrient-Rich: Contains fructose, brewer’s yeast, and dehydrated apple pulp.
  • Easy Storage: Designed for convenience with simple storage instructions.
  • Diet Variety: Perfect to pair with fresh fruits for a balanced diet.

Psittacus Lory Pearls is a premium, micro-extruded Lory Parrot Food specifically designed to cater to the dietary whims of the adult lories and lorikeets. These colourful birds, known for their vibrant personalities as much as their vibrant plumage, find a nutritional haven in Lory Pearls. Each pearl is packed with essential nutrients, including fructose, brewer’s yeast, and dehydrated apple pulp, making it a high-quality element of Lory Food.

Directions for use

  • To keep your lories and lorikeets in peak condition, offer Psittacus Lory Pearls as part of their daily diet. Renew their feed and water every day to maintain freshness and hygiene. After opening the package, store the Lory Pearls in a hermetically sealed container in a cool, dry place to preserve their quality and prolong their shelf life.

Daily intake

  • Lories and lorikeets should consume between 8 to 16 grams of Lory Pearls per 100 grams of their body weight each day, ensuring they receive all the necessary nutrients to thrive. Ambient temperature can affect their appetite, so adjust the portion sizes as necessary to accommodate their changing needs.

With Psittacus Lory Pearls, you’re not just feeding your birds; you’re providing them with a foundation for a healthy, energetic life. For Composition, Additives & Analytical constituents see full label.


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