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Product Description

High protein supplement added to soft food bringing birds into breeding condition faster.

Pro-Boost Supermax is a very high protein supplement to add to your bird`s favourite soft food. Brings birds into breeding condition faster and provides minerals and vitamins for chick health, growth and feathering. Contains `Flourish` that supports your bird’s natural system and assists in the beneficial gut flora.


  • Protein, Vitamins, Minerals

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein 84%, Fat 1%, Ash 5%, Flourish, Vitamins and Minerals specific for breeding. 

How to Use

For fertility, chick health and growth and feathering…

  • Add 75g ProBoost SuperMax to 17.5% protein soft food. 
  • Add 100g ProBoost SuperMax to 1 kg 16% protein soft food. 
  • Add 150g ProBoost SuperMax to 1 kg 12% protein soft food


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