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Product Description

Rope to preen and movable parts to play with.

This Preen and Play Parrot Toy has been designed to help keep your inquisitive Parrot entertained. Based on a bead maze toy, the colour paper rope ‘wires’ each have a wood bead that your beaky buddy can push, slide and move about for a stimulating playtime. Each of the knotted coloured ropes offer dozens of strands of soft cotton for your Parrot to preen with, helping to reduce over-preening behaviours and keep them looking beautiful. Plus, the paper ‘wire’ wood beads and wood cube can all be chewed, helping to keep your feathered friend’s ever-growing beak healthy and trim. As your Parrot plays, a shiny bell chimes away for noisemaking fun. Use the metal pear link provided to quickly and securely fasten this Preen and Play Toy to your Parrot’s cage or play gym stand.


  • Length 25cm (10”)
  • Width 15cm (6”)
  • Depth 15cm (6”)


  • Wood, Paper, Cotton, Metal


  • Weight: 0.12 kg
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