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Watch as the mess dissolves before your eyes, just spray and wipe making cleaning easy.

Poop-Off is the number one recommended bird dropping remover in the world. Three years to formulate and three years of testing were needed to guarantee a safe product around all avian species. The product is so safe it is used by the world famous San Diego Zoo, respected avian breeders and of course any thousands of bird lovers across the world. Containing no chemicals, solvents, detergent, alcohol or bleach, Poop-Off # is Non-Toxic, Bio-Degradable and safe to use with the bird inside the cage.

Cleans with Ease

  • Bird cages, perches, walls, carpet, splattered food, regurgitated food, hand feeding formula, bug residue, clothing, bird toys, nest boxes, bird feeders, blood, floors, pottery, monuments, upholstery, car seats, boat fabrics, and decking.

Removes Droppings

  • From all types of avian diets including: Seed, fruit, nuts, meat, vegetables, nectar, bugs, grains, formulated diet and greens.


  • Tip bottle and gently squeeze liquid onto bird droppings. With a scrubbing motion the bird poop and the stains will vanish. Repeat if necessary on hard droppings until removed. Poop-off works best when used with a brush on perches, dried droppings and carpet. Spray walls, floors, hard surfaces, carpet and cages with liquid. Wipe with a cloth, sponge or brush messes. Repeat if necessary.


  • Filtered water, active enzymes, surfactant and avian safe fragrance


  • Weight: 1.25 kg
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