Playtime Plaited Natural Foraging Parrot Toy

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Product Description

Unleash the Joy of Playtime!

  • Engaging Entertainment: Keeps your parrot captivated for hours, reducing boredom and associated behavioural issues.
  • Mental Gymnastics: Encourages problem-solving skills with its foraging components, promoting mental health.
  • Durable Design: Crafted with pet-safe materials to withstand the pecks and pulls of even the most enthusiastic parrots.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with a secure clip for quick attachment to any birdcage, making playtime accessible at all times.

Delight your feathered friend with our Playtime Knots Foraging Parrot Toy, designed to provide endless entertainment and mental stimulation. Parrots are intelligent creatures that thrive on interaction and challenges, and our toy is the perfect addition to fulfil these needs. With its vibrant colours and intricate knots, it’s more than just a toy; it’s a playground for your parrot’s mind and beak.

Constructed with the utmost care, this Parrot toy features multiple layers of fun. The central wooden block is adorned with holes, perfect for hiding treats and encouraging your parrot’s natural foraging instincts. Around this, colourful cotton ropes are tightly knotted to provide a satisfying texture for chewing, which helps maintain a parrot’s beak health.

The varied textures and shapes ignite curiosity and keep your parrot engaged. As your pet interacts with the toy, they will enjoy the gentle jingle of the bell attached to the bottom, adding auditory stimulation to the mix. The top of the toy is finished with a wooden bead and a sturdy metal clip, ensuring it can be easily and securely fastened to any birdcage.

Designed with both pet and owner in mind, this Parrot toy not only entertains but also blends seamlessly into the aesthetic of your home. The natural wood and colourful ropes add a splash of brightness without being overwhelming.

Regular interaction with the Playtime Knots Foraging Parrot Toy can significantly improve your parrot’s well-being. It provides an outlet for their energy, helping to prevent boredom and the negative behaviours that can arise from it. By incorporating treat-finding games, you can also enhance your bond with your parrot, making treat time an exciting and rewarding challenge.

Suitable for parrots of all sizes, from the petite budgie to the grand macaw, this toy is versatile and durable. Whether your feathery pal prefers to swing, chew, forage, or jingle, the Playtime Knots Foraging Parrot Toy is the ultimate playmate. Add it to your parrot’s environment and watch their happiness take flight!


  • Total Length 25cm (9.8″)
  • Width 8cm (3.1″)


  • Bamboo, Cotton Rope, Metal


  • Weight: 0.14 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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