Plaited Pleasure Preening Vine & Paper Parrot Toy

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Encourage play behaviour and provide your bird with great mental and physical activity, keeping them fit and healthy.

The Plaited Pleasure Preening Vine & Paper Parrot Toy is the perfect toy for your Parrot to let off some steam as they can chew, shred and destroy until their hearts content.

Lengths of plaited natural material are just waiting for your Parrot to pull apart. The body is a combination of a large woven vine ball (great for chewing) plus masses of coloured crinkled paper for preening and chewing on.

Hanging from a chain which runs straight through the middle are brightly coloured wooden beads and blocks, providing further materials for your Parrot to enjoy chewing up.

Converting the Plaited Pleasure Preening Vine & Paper Parrot Toy into a foraging toy couldn’t be easier! Simply push your bird’s favourite titbits inside the woven vine ball and let them work at retrieving them, great fun.


  • Length 33cm (13″)
  • Diameter 19cm (7.5″)


  • Paper, Vine, Wood, Natural Material, Metal


  • Weight: 0.2 kg
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