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Get Wrapped Up in the Joy!

Explore a world of lively fun, and natural textures with the Pigtails Chew & Shred Foot Natural Parrot Toy. This toy is a perfect choice for parrots who enjoy chewing and shredding, as it offers them limitless hours of entertainment and activity.

  • Vibrant and Chewable: Bright colours to attract your parrot and safe for chewing.
  • Encourages Shredding: Perfect for parrots that love to shred and unravel.
  • Foot Toy Fun: Can be easily gripped and handled, promoting healthy foot dexterity.
  • All-Natural Materials: Made with parrot-safe materials for peace of mind.

Made with various textures and materials, this Natural Parrot Toy is designed to stimulate your parrot’s senses and encourage their natural instinct to play. The blend of soft and durable materials ensures that your parrot can indulge in their chewing habits safely, promoting dental health and beak strength. The colourful pigtails not only add a splash of fun to their day but also keep them intrigued and focused on their toy.

The Pigtails Chew & Shred Foot Natural Parrot Toy is an excellent way for your feathered friend to exercise their motor skills. They can grip, twist, and turn the toy, which helps to improve their foot strength and coordination. The natural components of the toy mimic the textures found in the wild, making it a comforting and familiar object for your parrot to interact with.

This toy is not just for fun, it’s also essential for the well-being of your parrot. By interacting with the different parts of the Pigtails Chew & Shred Toy, your parrot can fulfill their natural need to chew and shred, which is crucial for their emotional and physical health. Shredding mimics the foraging behaviour of wild parrots and provides a healthy outlet for their energy.

This toy is designed with your bird’s safety in mind. It is entirely natural and free from any harmful substances. It provides an easy way to bring the joy of nature into your parrot’s daily routine, letting them chew and play as they would in their native habitat. The sturdy design of the toy makes it capable of withstanding your bird’s enthusiasm.

It’s easy to see why the Pigtails Chew & Shred Foot Natural Parrot Toy is not just another bird accessory but a crucial addition to your parrot’s environment. It provides the mental and physical stimulation that parrots crave and require for a happy life in captivity.

For those who treasure the time spent with their parrot, this toy represents more than just a plaything; it is a pathway to more interactive and bonding experiences. As your parrot navigates through the knots and strands, they not only enjoy a fun-filled challenge but also develop crucial life skills. The Pigtails Chew & Shred Foot Natural Parrot Toy is the perfect choice for any parrot owner looking to enrich their bird’s life with a toy that is as natural as it is entertaining. Give your parrot the gift of fun, stimulation, and natural play with this one-of-a-kind toy.


  • Length 9cm (3.5″)
  • Width 9cm (3.5″)


  • Star Fruit Nut, Grass, Leather String, Wooden Bead.


  • Weight: 0.03 kg
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