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Product Description

This is how fun all perches should be!

The coloured wood block is packed with lots of tightly rolled coloured paper sticks, that are fun for your Parrot to shred, spin and unravel.

  • Interactive Fun: The Party Parrot Perch & Spinning Parrot Toy is designed to engage your Parrot’ attention keeping him entertained with hours of shredding, spinning, and unravelling enjoyment.
  • Mental Stimulation: Your Parrot can exercise their problem-solving skills by removing the chew sticks from the wooden block and unravelling them, providing mental stimulation and satisfaction.
  • Beak Health: This natural Parrot Perch encourages your feathered friend to chew, promoting healthy beak maintenance and preventing overgrowth.
  • Universal Fit: With a secure bolt attachment, this Party Spinner Play Perch easily fits most Parrot cages, providing versatile entertainment for your feathered companion.

Using the wood perch as their vantage point, your Parrot can have fun spinning the wooden block around with coloured chew sticks, then work at removing them before unravelling them and chewing it to pieces, all before giving you that satisfying look.

Once your Parrot has removed the paper sticks, why not wedge more rewards into the holes for your feathered friend to enjoy removing?

The chunky-coloured wooden block provides material for your bird to chew, helping to keep their beak in good condition.

The Party Perch Spinning Parrot Toy is built to fit most Parrot cages. Use the bolt at one end to quickly and securely fasten this Party Spinner Play Perch to your bird’s cage.


  • Perch Diameter 3cm (1.18”)
  • Perch Length 20.5 (8”)


  • Wood, Paper, Metal


  • Weight: 0.4 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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