Parrot Food Sprouting Jar with Mesh Lid and Stand

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Product Description

This parrot seed sprouting jar makes sprouting your own seeds easy and simple.

Sprouting seeds for birds has never been easier with this sprouting jar kit!

In the wild, parrots eat seeds in all their stages of ripeness, including after they have started to sprout.
According to studies, sprouting seeds increases the amount of fibres they contain.
Sprouts are also high in protein, vitamins like C and K, and lower in fat than unsprouted seeds.

Sprouted Parrot Mixes are perfect as an alternative to regular dried seeds diet! In fact, they are not just the perfect parrot food: you can use your sprouting jar to sprout seeds for your own salads as well.

Grow your own sprouts with less than a minute of effort a day! Tip: We also carry a variety of sprouting mixes to keep your parrot’s diet varied and nutritious.

Grow your own delicious and highly nutritious sprouting seeds, suitable for yourself and your parrot.

Product details

  • 1 sprouting jar
  • 1 sprouting jar lid
  • 1 water collecting tray


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