Parrot Essentials Wooden Jelly Fruit Cups Pot Holder

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Product Description

Treat Time, Perch Time!

A fun way to offer Fruit Cups Jelly Parrot Treats to your pet parrot.

  • Secure and sturdy wood
  • Fits most cages easily
  • Long-lasting metal fixtures
  • Perfect for Fruit Cups Jelly Treats

Give your parrot a special spot for their favourite treats with our Parrot Essentials Wooden Jelly Pot Holder. This simple yet practical parrot toy is a must-have for parrot owners who love to spoil their pets with delicious treats while also giving them a place to perch.

Made from durable wood, this parrot treat holder is designed to last. It attaches securely to most parrot cages with its strong metal fixtures, ensuring that it stays in place even with the most enthusiastic parrot. The holder is not just a treat space but also acts as a perch, allowing your parrot to enjoy their snacks comfortably.

Indulging your parrot in a delicious snack is now a breeze with the Fruit Cups Jelly Treats. Simply place the treat into the specially designed parro treat holder and watch as your beloved bird relishes in their jelly delights. The innovative design of the holder ensures that your parrot can easily peck and nibble at the treat, making snack time a fun and interactive activity. Treat your parrot to a delectable snack with the Fruit Cups Jelly Treats and make their day special.

The metal fixtures in this parrot treat holder are designed to be incredibly durable, ensuring that your parrot can enjoy their treats without any worries of wear and tear. This clever accessory is a simple yet effective way to enhance your parrot’s feeding time, making it a moment they will eagerly anticipate.

This holder not only offers a convenient solution to treat serving, but it also provides a comfortable perch for your parrot. This parrot perch helps promote foot health and encourages your parrot to assume a natural position while enjoying their snacks. It’s a win-win for both you and your parrot, as it makes treat time more enjoyable and cleaner.

* Please Note: Hardwoods such as this can split during the drying process, this is not a fault. Jelly fruit cups are not included.


  • Depth: 3.6 – 4cm (1.4 – 1.5″)
  • Diameter – Change to 8cm–12cm (3.14”-4.72”)


  • Wood, Metal


  • Weight: 0.16 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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