Parrot Essentials Rainbow Pinata Shredding Parrot Toy – Medium

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Product Description

Two fun chew parrot toys in one.

Give your parrot a taste of the tropics with the Parrot Essentials Rainbow Pinata Shredding Parrot Toy.

  • Crafted from natural palm leaves
  • Bright, enticing colours for curious beaks
  • Durable for prolonged preening and chewing
  • Concealed natural fibres for surprise discovery

Hidden within the colourful exterior is a treasure trove of fibrous material waiting to be discovered by your curious parrot. This hidden layer not only prolongs the life of the parrot toy but also reinforces the foraging behaviour that is essential for a bird’s mental stimulation.

All pet birds instinctively need to chew and destroy things. Parrots don’t just chew for fun – it’s an essential activity for maintaining their beak health. The toys and objects they interact with are designed to be durable so they can peck at them as much as they want. This constant pecking helps keep their beak in good shape, which is vital for their overall health. This Parrot Essentials Rainbow Pinata Shredding Parrot Toy is ideal to help you meet your bird’s needs.

After your bird has unravelled and chewed through the crunchy palm leaf outer layer, they’ll discover a variety of natural fibres all tied to a central rope. The result is double the amount of chewing pleasure.

Toys your bird can chew and preen on are great for helping reduce feather plucking and overpreening behaviours.


  • Length 26cm (10.25″)
  • Diameter 7cm (2.75″)


  • Palm Leaf, Abaca Fibres


  • Weight: 0.07 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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