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Two chews in one!

Our Palm Leaf Rainbow Melon Pinata Parrot Toy is the perfect addition to your parrot’s playtime. With a quirky twist and vibrant design, this toy is all about double the fun and double the benefits.

  • Chew and Play Delight: This natural parrot toy provides hours of entertainment for your feathered companion. It serves as both a delightful chew toy and a stimulating plaything. As your parrot nibbles through the crunchy palm leaf outer layer, they’ll find a treasure trove of natural fibres securely tied to a central rope inside. This adds an extra layer of excitement to their playtime, keeping them engaged and happy.
  • Feather Plucking Prevention: We understand the importance of healthy parrot behaviours. Chewing and preening on toys like our Palm Leaf Rainbow Melon Pinata can help reduce feather plucking and overpreening tendencies. This toy encourages your parrot to redirect their energy towards productive and enjoyable activities, improving their overall well-being.
  • Durable and Safe: Crafted with quality in mind, our natural parrot toy is designed to withstand the rigours of beak and claw. The natural materials used are not only durable but also safe for your parrot to interact with. You can have peace of mind knowing your feathered friend is playing with a toy that’s designed to last.
  • Sensory Stimulation: The colourful design and diverse textures of the toy provide sensory stimulation for your parrot.

Your parrot’s adventure begins with the crunchy palm leaf outer layer, redolent of pecking into a tasty melon. As they explore, they’ll unveil a colourful array of natural fibres, adding to the joy and excitement. It’s truly two chews in one – a delightful way for your parrot to meet their instinctual need to chew and destroy things.

Birds, just like us, need physical exercise to stay healthy. This parrot toy encourages physical activity as your feathered friend reaches, hops, and plays with it. It’s a delightful way for them to get the exercise they need while having loads of fun.


  • Total Length 18cm (7.08″)
  • Width 4cm (1.57″)


  • Palm leaf, Abaca fibres


  • Weight: 0.02 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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