Parrot Essentials Moist Soft Egg Food for Birds & Parrots White

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Product Description

High Quality Moist Soft Bird Food without Colourants Parakeets, Parrots & Young Birds.

The Parrot Essentials Moist Soft Bird Food White is a nutritional supplement for Parakeets, Parrots, Cockatoos and Budgies.

This Bird Food is developed for feeding all bird species and has no colourants to avoid unwanted colour mutations when given to breeding birds or young chicks.

Parrot Essential’ Egg Bird Food White is enriched with omega-3 & 6, vitamins & minerals to enhance breeding condition. High in protein, fortified with essential amino acids for good muscle and feather condition.

Highly palatable, making it easy to provide a nutritious balanced diet for your pet.

Feed as a moist crumble, or mixed with diced veg, soaked seed or other moist foods. Prepare food fresh each day to avoid microbial contamination.

The Parrot Essentials Soft Parrot Food White can be given all year round (in moderation).

Egg Bird Food can provide much needing nutrients to pairs during the breeding season (25% of the total daily food requirement).

NOTE: Make sure that the parrots are not too fat during the rest period.

  • High Palatability
  • Without colourants to prevent unwanted colour mutations
  • Ready to use
  • With added Vitamins & Minerals


  • Bakery products, oils and fats, sugars, minerals, cereals, seeds, Derivatives of vegetable origin, yeast
  • With added Vitamins & Minerals


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