Parrot Essentials Millet & Vegetable Parrot Treats Holder with Bell – Large

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Product Description

A handy holder for your Parrot’s treats!

The Parrot Essentials Millet & Vegetable Parrot Treats Holder with Bell – Large is the perfect place for your Parrot to enjoy some tasty millet and other parrot foods and treats from.

  • Sturdy and safe for birds
  • Easy to hang in any cage
  • Durable metal design
  • Bell for added fun

This versatile treat holder is designed to hold millet sprays, vegetables, or other parrot-approved treats and is strong and durable enough to withstand your parrot’s enthusiastic feeding and play. The attachment is straightforward, ensuring that it’s secure and won’t come loose, no matter how much your parrot swings from it or pecks at it.

To use it, simply wrap the millet inside the holder and use the pearlink provided to fasten it to your bird’s cage or play gym stand. The Millet & Vegetable holder is made from stainless steel, making it easy to clean and strong enough for those powerful beaks.

With the included bell, this treat holder doubles as a parrot toy, making treat time interactive and engaging. The sound of the bell will grab your parrot’s attention and encourage them to play, stimulating their mind and satisfying their natural instincts to forage and explore.

This parrot treat holder is a must-have for any parrot owner looking to enrich their pet’s environment. Not just a source of tasty treats, but also encourages natural foraging behaviour. As your parrot works to remove millet or vegetables from the holder, they’re engaging in a healthy activity that stimulates their mind and satisfies their instinctual urges.


  • Length 32cm (12.59″)
  • Diameter 4.5cm (1.77″)


  • Metal


  • Weight: 0.1 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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