Parrot Essentials Medusa Shredding Natural Parrot Toy (10 in Stock)

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Product Description

Preen, Play, and Shred Away!

If you’re looking for a natural and stimulating toy for your parrot, the Parrot Essentials Medusa Shredding Natural Parrot Toy is perfect for you.

  • Shredding Paradise: Natural materials for peak beak health.
  • Tentacle Play: Plaited strands for interactive shredding.
  • Preening Pleasure: Perfect for birds that love to preen.
  • Easy Attachment: Quick link for secure fastening.

Designed to satisfy your bird’s need for interactive play, this parrot toy is a must-have for any pet owner who wants their parrot to be engaged in enriching activities. Its unique design encourages your parrot to forage, shred and preen, making it more than just an accessory. The Medusa Preening Bird Toy is a centrepiece that stimulates your parrot’s natural instincts and provides them with the perfect platform to engage in interactive play.

This bird toy is crafted with a variety of natural and renewable materials that make it stand out. The toy features tentacle-like strands that entice your bird to pull, unravel, and tear it apart, providing them with both fun and essential exercise for maintaining a healthy and trim beak, which is crucial for their overall wellness.

Apart from shredding, the Medusa bird toy is also an excellent option for preening. It is made of materials that mimic the textures found in the wild, which makes it ideal for parrots that enjoy preening. Providing an alternative to preening their own feathers, the Medusa bird toy can help reduce the chances of over-preening and the stress that comes with it.

The Medusa toy for pet birds is a delightful addition to any parrot’s cage or play gym. It offers a satisfying sensory experience with its auditory feedback, thanks to the gentle rustling of leaves and the soft sounds of shredding. This encourages your bird to continue playing and exploring.

The parrot toy is easy to secure using the long metal quick link provided, ensuring that it stays in place during enthusiastic play sessions.

The Parrot Essentials Medusa Shredding Natural Parrot Toy is a celebration of natural behaviours, textures, and sounds that bring joy to your bird’s playtime. Let the Medusa Shredding Toy turn your bird’s playtime into an epic tale of adventure and enjoyment where every shred and unravelled strand is a victory. Don’t wait any longer to add this toy to your bird’s habitat!


  • Length 35cm (13.77″)
  • Width 15cm (5.90″)


  • Coconut Shell, Natural Leaf, Wood, Metal


  • Weight: 0.13 kg
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