Parrot Essentials Low Sunflower Parrot Food Seed Mix

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Product Description

A low-fat, highly nutritious parrot food mix.

Parrot Essentials Low Sunflower Parrot Food Seed Mix is a low-fat, highly nutritious parrot food mix low in both white and dark sunflower that your pet parrot loves to much on.

This parrot food seed mix is developed by experts for Medium and Large Parrots.

This low fat parrot food has 18 different ingredients, including dried fruit and vegetable.

Help your bird reduce their daily fat intake.

The rich variety of ingredients provides a mix full of different tastes and texture for an interesting meal every time.

This specially developed, high quality parrot food is formulated to provide a varied, healthy and balanced diet for your pet and contains only natural, high quality ingredients.


  • Safflower seed, sunflower seed, buckwheat, paddy rice, white millet, oats, red dari, maize, peeled oats, puffed wheat, white dari, pea flakes, carrot pieces, maize flakes, peeled peanuts, rosehip, pumpkin seed, raisins


  • 2Kg

Feeding Recommendation

  • Medium Parrot – 15g to 36g per bird per day.
  • Large Parrot – 70g – 135g per bird per day.
  • Extra Large Parrot – 180g to 340g per bird per day.
  • Fresh clean water should always be available.
  • Feed alongside a selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and cuttlebone or other mineral and vitamin supplements.
  • Always introduce a new parrot food gradually over a few days.

Storage & Advice

  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Not for human consumption.
  • Keep packaging away from children to avoid suffocation.


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