Parrot Essentials Expert Soft Bird Food for Parrots with Fruits

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High Quality Soft Food with Fruits for Parrots & Parakeets.

Fruit plays an important part in providing your Parrot with a well balanced diet. This Parrot Essentials Soft Parrot Food with Fruits is developed for parrots and parakeets and fruit-eating birds. It is composed of tropical fruits such as Mango, Papaya, Raisins and Berries.

Papaya is known to provide a good source of Vitamin C to ensure strong skin, joints and bones, as well as helping the immune system. Plus Vitamin E which is important for a healthy heart and blood supply as well as benefitting the digestive system.

Mango is rich in minerals and vitamins including Vitamin A and Vitamin C known to support the immune system, repair the skin and maintain good vision.

Fruits contain lots of vitamins and minerals, are low in calories which helps you to control your bird’s weight and they have lots of fibre that aids digestion.

The Parrot Essentials Soft Parrot Food with Fruits can be given all year round (in moderation). It can provide much needing nutrients to breeding pairs during the breeding season (25% of the total daily food requirement).

NOTE: Make sure that the parrots are not too fat during the rest period.

  • High Palatability
  • Variety of fruits
  • Ready to use
  • Without artificial colourants
  • With added Vitamins & Minerals
  • Ideal for fruit eating birds


  • Variety of fruits, Bakery products, fruits (12,5%), sugar, oils and fats, vegetable (by)products, minerals, seeds, yeast
  • With Added Vitamins and Minerals


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