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Product Description

Soft preenable perch with a tough metal core.

Perches such as this Bendy Coloured Cotton Parrot Perch – Large are great for your bird’s feet.

The woven rope shape provides a bumpy surface so your bird has to keep readjusting its feet as it moves along this parrot perch, ensuring a healthy parrot feet.

Cotton is a soft and warm material and helps to prevent sores which can occur from perching on hard and cold surfaces all the time.

This Bendy Coloured Cotton Parrot Perch – Large has a thick wire core for extra strength.

It is also bendable, allowing you to shape the perch in different ways.

With hundreds of cotton strands your bird can enjoy picking and preening the perch too.

Please note – colour supplied my be different to image shown.

IMPORTANT: These perches should be replaced on signs of wear and tear. 


  • Length 81cm (32″)
  • Diameter 3cm (1.18″)


  • Cotton, Plastic, Metal (contains wire inside for extra strength and shape)


  • Weight: 0.36 kg
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