Parrot Essentials Blossom Ring Parrot Toy

Parrot Essentials

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Product Description

Lots of natural materials arranged in a fun to chew ring.

Colourful natural materials have been arranged by hand to create this Woven Wonders Blossom Ring Parrot Toy. They’re all knotted around a piece of bamboo wood which your Parrot can chew on to keep their beak healthy and trim.

Their bright colours are sure to capture your inquisitive Parrot’s imagination.

The ends of the knotted sisal rope are exposed so your bird can use them for preening on. Providing material such as this can help reduce unwanted over-preening behaviours.


  • Length 35cm (13.77″)
  • Diameter 20cm (7.87″)
  • Depth 6cm (2.36″)


  • Wood, Palm Leaf, Abaca Fibres


  • Weight: 0.18 kg
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