Parrot Essentials African Grey Parrot Food Premium Seed Mix – 1Kg

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Product Description

A variety of fresh tasting vegetable and seeds for your African Grey to enjoy.

This specially developed, high quality mixture is made for your African Grey Parrot.

It provides a varied, healthy, balanced diet for your bird and contains only natural ingredients.

The Parrot Essentials African Grey Parrot Premium Seed Food – 2Kg is formulated to deliver all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that nature intended.


  • Sunflower seed, buckwheat, oats, paddy rice, pellets (5,5%), safflower seed, carob, maize, pea flakes, puffed wheat, white millet, rosehip (2,5%), maize flakes, peeled peanuts, raizins, pumpkin seed, carrot pieces (2%), oyster shells (2%), cedar nuts (2%), marien thistle seed (2%), red millet, linseed, red peppers.


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