Parrot Essentials African Grey Parrot Food Premium Seed Mix

Parrot Essentials

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Product Description

A variety of fresh tasting vegetable and seeds for your African Grey to enjoy.

This specially developed, high quality mixture is made for your African Grey Parrot.

It provides a varied, healthy, balanced diet for your bird and contains only natural ingredients.

The Parrot Essentials African Grey Parrot Premium Seed Food is formulated to deliver all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that nature intended.


  • Sunflower seed, buckwheat, oats, paddy rice, pellets (5,5%), safflower seed, carob, maize, pea flakes, puffed wheat, white millet, rosehip (2,5%), maize flakes, peeled peanuts, raizins, pumpkin seed, carrot pieces (2%), oyster shells (2%), cedar nuts (2%), marien thistle seed (2%), red millet, linseed, red peppers.


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