Parrot Cafe Palm Oil & Mango Muffin Parrot Treats – 100g

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Exotic tasting mango and red palm oil create these beak-watering treats

Naturally healthy treats made with wholesome ingredients for a treat worthy of your Parrot.

Made using Palm Oil produced from the Palm Fruit – a natural food source adored by many Parrots. These Parrot Cafe Muffins have also been baked with Mango, a tropical fruit nutritionally rich in minerals and vitamins, including generous amounts of vitamins C and A.

Both these vitamins support your birds immune system helping them to stay healthy, plus vitamin A is good for maintaining good vision.

No additives or preservatives are used in the making of these Parrot Cafe Mango Muffin Treats with Palm Oil.


  • Wheat, Organic Palm Oil, Mango


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