Palm Leaf Octopus Pinata – Preening Natural Parrot Toy – Medium

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A “Twist” of Nature for Preening Parrots!

Natural, shreddable toy, great for birds that overpreen. With woven palm leaf “legs” and natural fibres for your Parrot to undo.

  • Crafted from natural palm leaves
  • Bright, enticing colours for curious beaks
  • Durable for prolonged preening and chewing
  • Concealed natural fibres for surprise discovery

Give your parrot a taste of the tropics with the Palm Leaf Octopus Pinata. This simple yet effective natural bird toy is perfect for parrots who like to preen and chew. This bird toy will brighten up their habitat and provide endless moments of preening pleasure. This parrot toy, fashioned with care from natural palm leaves, not only adds a splash of colour to your parrot’s environment but also offers a safe outlet for their preening and chewing instincts.

The unique octopus design, complete with dangling palm leaf “legs,” immediately draws your parrot’s attention, tempting them into a playful exploration. As they tug and nibble at the woven strands, they fulfil their natural desire to preen, which can be especially beneficial for birds that tend to overpreen themselves.

Parrots don’t just chew for fun – it’s an essential activity for maintaining their beak health. The toys and objects they interact with are designed to be durable so they can peck at them as much as they want. This constant pecking helps keep their beak in good shape, which is vital for their overall health.

Hidden within this colourful exterior is a treasure trove of fibrous material waiting to be discovered by your curious parrot. This hidden layer not only prolongs the life of the toy but also reinforces the foraging behaviour that is essential for a bird’s mental stimulation.

The Palm Leaf Octopus Pinata is a companion for your parrot that inspires play and satisfies their instinctual behaviours. Its natural composition ensures that your parrot can engage with it safely, giving you peace of mind. By choosing the Palm Leaf Octopus Pinata, you’re providing your parrot with more than just entertainment. You’re offering them a piece of the wild, a tool for their natural behaviours that keeps their day full and exciting.


  • Length 30cm (11.8″)
  • Width 7cm (2.75″)


  • Palm Leaf.


  • Weight: 0.06 kg
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