Pack of 6 Parrot Fruit Jelly Cups & Holder

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SAVE when you buy this mixed tub of Parrot Jellies and Holder Kit at a discounted price.

Kit includes the following:

1 x Pack of 6 Assorted Fruit Cups Parrot Jelly Treats
1 x Nature First Natural Jelly Fruit Cups Pot Holder

These jelly fruit cups make for an extra special way to reward your Parrot.

Simply peel off the seal and hand over to your bird. Then sit back and watch as they explore the taste and texture of these scrumptious treats!

For convenience put your bird’s jelly treat inside the Nature First Natural Jelly Pot Holder. The durable wood offers a perching platform for your Parrot to sit and explore the tastes and texture of these delicious treats. Easily and securely attach it to your Parrot’s cage. The long lasting metal hardware lets your Parrot enjoy them for a long time.

* Please note hardwoods such as this can split during the drying process, this is not a fault.


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