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Swing into Playtime with a Twist!

Made from rope, the Nuts for Knots Ball on Chain Parrot Toy is ideal for encouraging natural behaviours, such as preening, chewing and shredding.

  • Durable Design: Made with strong, safe fibres for endless chewing and playing.
  • Vivid Colours: Bright and attractive to stimulate your bird’s visual senses and curiosity.
  • Easy Attachment: Comes with a secure chain for simple attachment to any part of the cage.
  • Interactive Play: Promotes active engagement, satisfying your parrot’s natural urge to chew and play.

Take your bird’s entertainment to the next level with the Nuts for Knots Ball on Chain Parrot Toy. This toy is designed to provide joy and enrichment to your parrot’s life while giving them an ideal outlet for their natural chewing instincts.

Made from durable fibres, this chewable bird toy is built to endure your feathered friend’s beak and claw antics. It’s not just a mere distraction, but also a source of both mental and physical stimulation, encouraging your bird to exercise while engaging in satisfying play.

The Nuts for Knots Ball is designed to attract your parrot’s attention with its vibrant blue and green colors. Parrots are naturally attracted to a range of colors, and this toy takes advantage of that instinct to become one of their favorite playtime activities.

Equipped with a sturdy chain, this parrot toy can be easily attached to their cage, providing a secure and elevated play area. This feature makes it easier for pet owners to enrich their bird’s environment.

The Nuts for Knots Ball is not just a fun parrot chew toy, it also encourages active engagement. Chewing is essential for parrots, as it helps them maintain a healthy beak. It mimics the foraging behavior they exhibit in the wild, making this toy both a pleasure and a beneficial part of their daily life.

Introducing the Nuts for Knots Ball to your parrot’s toy collection can provide them with a fresh and exciting challenge that breaks the monotony of their daily routine. The unique texture and resilient construction of the ball offer a long-lasting solution to satisfy their innate chewing habits.

This parrot toy is not just an accessory; it’s a playful companion for your bird that is designed to enrich their life in captivity. Its simple yet multifaceted benefits make the Nuts for Knots Ball on Chain a valuable addition to your parrot’s environment, offering them the enjoyment and engagement they deserve.


  • Total Length 26cm (10.2”)

  • Ball Diameter 9cm (3.54”)


  • Rope, Metal


  • Weight: 0.21 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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