Natural Seagrass Shredding Wheel Parrot Toy

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Product Description

A Fun Way to Keep Beaks Busy!

The Natural Seagrass Shredding Wheel Parrot Toy provides endless hours of fun for your parrot. It is designed to fulfill your parrot’s natural urges to pick, shred, and preen, making it an essential addition to their play area. Made from natural seagrass, this parrot toy offers a safe and engaging way for your bird to stay mentally and physically stimulated.

  • Engages Natural Instincts: Perfect for picking and preening.
  • Encourages Foraging: Hide treats inside for rewarding play.
  • Safe and Durable: Made from bird-safe, natural materials.
  • Easy Installation: Securely attaches to cage or play stand.

The Natural Seagrass Shredding Wheel Parrot Toy is crafted from woven seagrass, providing a delightful texture for your bird to explore. The toy is adorned with colourful crinkle paper, wooden blocks, and leather, offering multiple textures and materials for your bird to enjoy. The combination of these materials ensures that your bird will stay interested and engaged, preventing boredom and promoting overall well-being.

One of the standout features of this bird toy is its ability to encourage foraging behaviour. You can easily hide small treats inside between the woven leaves, adding an element of surprise and reward to your bird’s playtime. Foraging is a natural behaviour for parrots, and incorporating it into their daily routine helps to keep them mentally sharp and physically active.

Installing the Natural Seagrass Shredding Wheel in your bird’s cage is simple and secure. The toy comes with a sturdy quick link that allows you to effortlessly attach it to the cage or play stand. This ensures that the toy remains stable during play, providing a safe and reliable source of entertainment for your bird.

Made from bird-safe, non-toxic materials, the Natural Seagrass Shredding Wheel Parrot Toy is designed with your bird’s safety in mind. The durable construction ensures that the parrot toy can withstand enthusiastic play, making it a long-lasting addition to your bird’s collection. Its natural design also blends seamlessly with any cage setup, adding a touch of natural beauty to your bird’s environment.

Providing your bird with various engaging and stimulating toys is essential for their mental and physical health. The Natural Seagrass Shredding Wheel offers a perfect blend of fun and functionality, keeping your bird entertained while promoting natural behaviours. Whether your bird enjoys picking, shredding, or foraging, this toy provides an enriching experience that caters to all their needs.

The Natural Seagrass Shredding Wheel Parrot Toy is a fantastic choice for any bird owner looking to enhance their pet’s playtime. Its engaging design, safety features, and ease of installation make it the perfect addition to your bird’s cage. Invest in this bird toy today and watch your feathered friend thrive with joy and activity.

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  • Total Length 35cm (13.77″)
  • Diameter 25cm (9.84″)
  • Depth 7cm (2.75″)


  • Wood, Leather, Paper, Natural woven material, Metal.


  • Weight: 0.21 kg
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