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Did you know that many parrots, including the popular budgie and cockatiel, naturally eat grass seeds?

That’s why seed-based bird foods like red millet sprays make great parrot treats. And they’re not just fun to eat: they also contain plenty of essential micronutrients to help keep your bird healthy.

Our red millet is high-quality and free of pesticides, which is probably why it’s one of our most popular parrot foods.

The seeds are high in protein and vitamin B, as well as other nutrients like magnesium.

You can use the sprays as a treat or as a part of your bird’s daily diet.

Millet is the perfect bird treat for a range of species, including but not limited to: budgies and other parakeets, cockatiels, canaries, lovebirds, conures, quaker and caiques.

Many garden birds will also be thankful to find the sprays in the bird feeder during the winter months.

Natural foods like these offer hours of fun while your bird tries to get to every last seed in the spray, keeping it busy and entertained. Much more fun than just eating seeds from a bowl!


  • High-Quality Red Millet Sprays


  • 250g


  • Store in cool and dry place


  • Weight: 0.25 kg
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  • h2info: All-Natural Red Millet quality bird food that your pet will love!

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