Natural Parrot Perch with Coconut Feeding Cup

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Product Description

Feeding Time Turned Tropical!

  • All-Natural Materials: Coconut shell and wood branch for a tropical feel.
  • Keeps Cages Clean: Designed to contain messes within the cage.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for serving food or water or holding foot toys.
  • Sturdy Fixing: Secure metal fasteners for stable installation.

The Parrot Perch with Coconut Feeding Cup is a natural parrot perch that brings a piece of the rainforest into your home. Made from a genuine coconut shell and a solid branch, this perch is the perfect addition to any parrot’s cage for a comfortable and mess-free feeding experience.

The coconut shell is smooth and perfect for serving various parrot treats, while the attached branch offers a familiar perch for your bird to rest on. The natural textures and shapes help to keep your bird’s feet healthy, providing them with the uneven surfaces they would find in their natural habitat.

This bird perch is designed to help you keep your bird’s living space cleaner. The coconut cup catches any food or water spillages, which means less cleaning for you and a more enjoyable environment for your parrot. It’s suitable for all types of food and can also be used to hold foot toys to keep your parrot entertained.

The Parrot Perch with Coconut Feeding Cup is simple to set up. It’s created to attach easily to the cage with sturdy metal fixtures, ensuring it won’t be knocked down or tipped over by your bird. Once secured, it offers a reliable spot for your parrot to enjoy their meals and play without the worry of creating a mess.

This parrot perch serves more than just feeding purposes; it provides your parrot with a natural environment to feel comfortable. The use of a coconut shell not only adds a sense of wilderness to your parrot’s day but also provides a sturdy bowl that is easy to clean and safe for your bird to use daily.

With this parrot feeding solution, you’re not just giving your bird a place to eat; you’re giving them an experience. The Parrot Perch with Coconut Feeding Cup is ideal for parrot owners who want a simple, functional, and naturally inspired feeding option for their feathered companions.


  • Length 40cm (15.7″)
  • Bowl Diameter (approx.) 12 – 14cm (4.7 – 5.5″)
  • Perch Diameter (approx.) 2 – 3cm (1”)

Please note – due to this item being made from natural materials the dimensions may vary.


  • Coconut Shell, Wood, Metal


  • Weight: 0.2 kg
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