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Product Description

A World of Fun and Adventure!

Get creative and see how many different and fun ways you and your bird can make use of this Natural Sisal Rope and Log Bridge Toy.

  • Provides hours of entertainment and stimulation for your parrot.
  • Offers a versatile and durable design that can be used in multiple ways.
  • Helps to improve your bird’s coordination, agility, and beak health.
  • Promotes creativity and exploration, allowing you and your bird to come up with endless ways to play and have fun together.

The Natural Log Rope Ladder Bridge Parrot Toy is an incredibly versatile and stimulating parrot toy that can provide your feathered friend with hours of entertainment and joy. This large and durable bird toy features wooden logs covered in natural bark, which your bird can peel, rip off, and nibble on, keeping them engaged and stimulated.

Hang it across two points in the bird cage as a bridge, or use it as a ladder for your bird to climb from one side to another. You can also fasten it at an angle to create a ramp or hang it down or across the bars to create a challenging climbing wall that will improve your bird’s agility and coordination. With a little creativity, you can even hang it like a hammock to provide a cosy spot for your bird to relax and unwind.

The Natural Sisal Rope and Log Bridge Toy offers endless possibilities for play and exploration. Your bird can use it to swing, climb, perch, or simply chew on the natural bark to their heart’s content. The texture and feel of the toy will also help to keep your bird’s beak healthy and trim.

So, let’s unleash our creativity and explore the myriad of exciting ways to enjoy this amazing toy with your beloved feathered friend. Between you and your bird, there are probably loads of other ways to have fun with this large Sisal Rope and Log Bridge; just get inventive!


  • Length 65 – 70cm (25.5 – 27.5″)
  • Width 8cm (3.15″)
  • Diameter of perch: 1.5cm (0.6″)


  • Sisal, Wood, Metal


  • Weight: 0.14 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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