Natural Hard Pine Wood Parrot Perch – Large

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Product Description

Parrot safe, non-toxic natural hardwood perch.

This 100% Natural Pine Parrot Perch – Large is great for providing an additional, comfortable perching places in your parrot’s cage.

Branches which vary in sizes and diameter help to constantly exercise the bird`s feet as they move and climb around, keeping them in good health.

Although Pine wood can split when drying like any wood, this is not a fault, merely an indicator of the hardness, the Parrot certainly won`t mind! 
Plus, they make a great place to wedge treats in for your bird to have fun retrieving.

Make sure you provide plenty of other materials for your bird to chew though and play with!

Use the bolt at one end to securely and quickly fit the perch to any cage.


  • Total Length 28cm (11.02”)
  • Length of Perch 25cm (9.84″)
  • Diameter 2cm – 4cm (0.78″ – 1.57″)


  • Wood, Stainless Steel


  • Weight: 0.16 kg
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