Natural Forked Hardwood Parrot Perch – Large

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Product Description

A Natural Throne for Feathery Royalty!

This beautiful bird perch not only provides a place to rest but also mimics the experience of perching in the wild. It is made from strong hardwood, ensuring your parrot receives maximum comfort and utility in their daily life.

  • Varied Grip: Promotes foot health with different diameters.
  • Natural Comfort: Mimics the feel of real branches.
  • Durable Design: Stripped bark for longevity against beaks.
  • Easy Install: Secure bolt attachment for any cage setup.

The importance of a parrot perch with a varied diameter cannot be overstated. It ensures that as your parrot moves and perches, their feet constantly adjust to the changing widths, similar to the branches of trees in their natural environment. This subtle exercise helps to keep your parrot’s feet strong and nimble and reduces the risk of foot-related health issues that can arise from static, uniform perches.

This hardwood bird perch has been designed with your parrot’s comfort in mind. The smoothed, bark-stripped wood is pleasing to the eye and gentle on your parrot’s feet, providing a restful spot that they can enjoy for hours. The absence of bark also enhances the bird perch’s durability, making it tough enough to withstand your parrot’s nibbles and pecks without deteriorating.

The Natural Forked Hardwood Parrot Perch is not just any other bird perch. It is a slice of forest that has been customised to fit the domesticated bird’s lifestyle. By adding this piece of nature to your bird’s cage, you will be providing them with a touch of the wild that is necessary for their mental stimulation and overall well-being.

Installing this natural parrot perch is very simple, thanks to the included bolt. It allows for a secure and stable attachment to the cage, giving you peace of mind that your parrot has a reliable spot to land on. This forked bird perch is versatile enough to be placed high as a lofty lookout or lower for easy access, and it can be easily adjusted to suit your and your bird’s preferences.

The Natural Forked Hardwood Parrot Perch – Large is not just a simple stand, but a vital part of your bird’s living space. This bird perch is where your parrot will spend most of their time preening, observing their surroundings, or just enjoying the peace and quiet of their environment. By choosing this natural bird perch, you are not only investing in your parrot’s health, but also their happiness and overall quality of life.

So, bring a piece of the forest into your home and watch your parrot delightfully perch on it. Each grip your pet takes on this perch is a testament to its thoughtful design and natural comfort.


  • Length: 30cm (11.81”)
  • Diameter (approx): 2 – 2.5cm (0.78”-0.98”)


  • Wood, Metal.


  • Weight: 0.17 kg
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