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Colourful Chews and Puzzling Moves!

Crafted with care, the Moving Bars Natural Parrot Toy is more than just a bird toy – it is a stimulating activity that encourages your parrot to stay engaged and entertained.

  • Stimulating Fun: Rotating bars for endless entertainment.
  • Natural Design: Made with bird-safe, natural wood.
  • Bright and Attractive: Colourful accents to catch your parrot’s eye.
  • Easy to Hang: Comes with a sturdy chain for secure attachment.

The Moving Bars Natural Parrot Toy is a bird toy that your parrot will love! It is made of natural wood and features bright colours that provide hours of engaging play. The parrot toy encourages your parrot’s natural instinct to explore and manipulate their environment.

The Moving Bars Natural Parrot Toy features rotating bars that challenge your bird and keep them active and mentally stimulated. The bars invite your parrot to twist, spin and pull, providing a great workout for their brain and body.

This toy is designed to be safe and durable. It’s made of natural wood, which has no harmful chemicals in it, so your bird can play without any risk. The colourful parts of the chewable parrot toy are visually appealing, and they are made with non-toxic dyes, so your bird can enjoy them safely.

This parrot toy is not just for play. It’s meant to be a stimulating accessory that satisfies your bird’s needs to chew and forage. The wood has different textures, and the bars move, which appeals to your bird’s tactile senses. The bright colours also add to the experience, keeping your bird engaged and content.

The Moving Bars Natural Parrot Toy is easy to install in any birdcage. It comes with a durable chain that allows for quick hanging. You can place it high or low, depending on your bird’s preference. The toy offers flexibility in play and positioning, making it a versatile addition to your bird’s habitat.

We know that your bird’s happiness is important to their health. That’s why this parrot toy is designed to encourage natural behaviours like climbing and balancing, which are crucial for muscle development and coordination.

To sum it up, the Moving Bars Natural Parrot Toy is not just any ordinary plaything; it is an accessory that enhances your bird’s life in many ways. It represents your care for them, your dedication to their happiness, and a vibrant celebration of their playful nature. Let your bird’s playtime soar to new heights with this captivating and twistable treasure!


  • Height 18cm (7.1″)
  • Width 9cm (3.5″)
  • Length 9cm (3.5″)


  • Wood, metal



  • Weight: 0.14 kg
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