Mister and Shower Spray for Parrots & Birds

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Product Description

Mister and Shower Spray for Parrots & Birds helps to keep your parrot clean and in tip-top health.

Regular showers for your parrot don’t have to be difficult. This refreshing mist of water is a great way to encourage proper preening. 

Misting can also help moisten and invigorate your bird’s skin and is important to birds that are moulting.

This shower spray is simple to use and allows you to keep your parrot’s feathers clean and conditioned.


  • Spaying solutions is not supplied. This must be purchased separately.


  • Never spray your bird too often or too much.
  • Some birds may need introduction to misting and showering.


  • Height 20cm (20.9″)
  • Width 7cm (2.8″)


  • Plastic


  • Weight: 0.07 kg
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