Bird Cage Mirror with Perch for Budgies & Small Parrots

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Product Description

Mirror and Perch Combo for Small Parrots!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall… Who is the best-looking parrot of them all? Oh yes, me!

  • Mirror for entertainment and company
  • Solid perch for rest and play
  • Simple cage attachment
  • Ideal for budgies and small parrots

Treat your small parrot or budgie with the Mirror with Perch for Budgies & Small Parrots. This adorable parrot toy is a great addition to your bird’s cage as it provides a fun spot to play and a mirror for them to admire their own feathers.

The built-in large mirror is sure to captivate your parrot’s attention, becoming an essential part of their daily preening routine. As they hop onto the sturdy parrot perch, they can engage with their reflection, satisfying their natural curiosity and need for social interaction.

This mirror perch is made from natural wood and brings a slice of the great outdoors inside. It’s a safe and comfortable spot for your bird to rest, play, or just hang out and watch the world from their own private lookout.

You can easily attach this toy to the side of your bird’s cage with the built-in chain link. It’s secure enough to handle the liveliest of parrot activities, so you can rest easy knowing your bird is safe as they play.

Don’t forget to peel off the protective film that covers the mirror to uncover its reflective surface. Once you do, your feathered friend can gaze upon its own magnificent plumage and observe the most exotic bird. This will undoubtedly provide your parrot with endless entertainment and stimulation.

This parrot perch toy is not just a simple stand, but a stage for your feathered friend to showcase their skills. With this parrot toy, your bird can entertain themselves endlessly. It’s not only a reflection of their beauty, but also a reflection of your love for them.

So why not treat your feathery friend to their very own Mirror with Perch? It’s a simple way to spice up their cage life and give them a new perspective on the world – starting with their own beak. This is one bird perch toy that’s sure to reflect well on you as a pet owner, providing endless entertainment for your parrot and a smile on your face as you watch them enjoy their reflection.


  • Total height with the link 15cm (5.9″)
  • Width 10cm (3.94″)
  • Depth 10cm (3.94″)
  • Perch diameter 1cm (0.39″)


  • Wood, Metal.


  • Weight: 0.07 kg
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