Mini Slam Basket Foraging Parrot Toy with Bell

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Product Description

Let the foraging fun begin! 

  • Reduce boredom while providing mental stimulation.
  • Stimulate natural foraging behaviour.
  • Ideal for parrots that love bells, shredding and chewing.
  • Keeps beaks trimmed.

Introducing the perfect toy to keep your small to medium-sized bird engaged and entertained!

Our foraging basket parrot toy is designed to bring out the natural foraging skills in your curious pet.

With shredding materials placed inside the toy, your bird will enjoy endless hours of searching for treats or simply chewing and shredding.

For an extra challenge, try placing treats such as nuts or a fruit inside the basket. This will stimulate your bird’s cognitive skills, leading to a smarter, healthier, and less bored pet.

Regular chewing and shredding also help improve your bird’s beak health.

The foraging basket comes with a bell that adds to the fun, keeping your parrot engaged and entertained for longer.

The toy is easy to use and install inside the cage or on the play stand with a clip (provided).

Change the position of the toy to keep it interesting and exciting.

Don’t let your bird get bored or fall into bad habits such as feather plucking.

This foraging basket is an excellent toy for providing mental stimulation that reduces boredom and provides great entertainment for your feathered friend.


  • Length 18cm (7.08″)
  • Diameter 8cm (3.14″)


  • Wicker, Coco Fibres, Dried Leaves, Wood, Natural rope, Vine, Wood


  • Weight: 0.04 kg
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