Mini Foraging Basket for Bird Cage – Small

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Product Description

A woven basket parrot toy to promote foraging and play in pet birds.

Easily satisfy your Parrot’s natural desire to forage and chew in one toy.

Use the plastic link provided to attach it to your bird’s cage or play gym stand. Fill the basket with colourful dried leaves and coloured soft wood pieces, perfect for shredding up and preening on.

There’s room to sneak in a few treats in too, try hiding some of your bird’s favourite food and treats in amongst all the parts. They’ll simply love spending their time retrieving every last tasty morsel.


  • Length 6cm (2.36″)
  • Diameter 7.5cm (2.95″)


  • Wood, Vine, Dried Leaves, Plastic



  • Weight: 0.03 kg
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