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Product Description

A nutritious Parrot Food combination of TOP’s Organic pellets, seeds and nuts.

Developed with YouTube sensation Marlene Mc’Cohen, the result is a healthy, nutritious mix to feed your Parrot or flock.

The pellets made from human grade Organic ingredients, readily accepted by most birds. They do not contain any fillers like soy or corn or BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin.

They are manufactured using a cold pressed (not extruded or baked) process, to keep natural enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients at the highest levels possible. This ensures your bird is receiving the finest nutrition.

Rosemary, lemon and orange peel are a few of the natural substances used to carefully preserve the nutrient rich content, keeping it fresh and appetising for your bird.

You can be sure that you are feeding your bird a truly natural diet, with only the wholesome goodness found in nature being used to create this diet.

Here’s Marlene’s story in her own words why she partnered with TOP’s Parrot Food:
“My passion for birds began when I was 7 years old with my first bird, a Cockatiel named Doolie. Since then, I have dedicated my life to loving, rescuing and caring for Parrots. That’s why I am excited to work with TOP’s Parrot Food to bring you Marlene Mc’Cohen’s Signature Blend, a USDA Organic Certified mix of non-GMO ingredients to supply your companion with the nutrients they need to live a happier and healthier life. Remember to also feed your birds fruits and vegetables daily.”

Every bag has a QR code, which you can scan to join Marlene on her channel for help, advice, tutorials and videos about the adventures of owning a Parrot.


  • Pellet Ingredients: Alfalfa*, Hulled Millet*, Barley*, Rice*, Sunflower Seed Hulled*, Sesame Seeds Unhulled*, Quinoa Whole*, Buckwheat Hulled*, Dandelion Leaf Powder*, Carrot Powder*, Spinach Leaf Powder*, Purple Dulse*, Kelp*, Rose Hips Powder*, Rose Hips Crushed*, Orange Peel Powder*, Lemon Peel Powder*, Rosemary Whole Leaf*, Cayenne Ground*, Crushed Red Chili Peppers*, Nettle Leaf*, Cinnamon*. *Organic

Seeds and Nuts

  • Rye Berries*, Oat Groats*, Barley*, Flax*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Pistachios*, Almonds.*Organic

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein min. 13.4%, Crude Fat min. 6.5%, Crude Fiber max. 7.4%, Moisture max. 10.4%.Feeding Guide

Feeding Guide

  • Feed approximately as much as your bird will consume in a day. Discard old food and feed fresh daily. Do not feed old or mouldy food. Consult your avian veterinarian if you have specific diet related concerns.
  • Contains NO BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin. NO artificial colours, flavours, vitamins, sucrose/sugar, or preservatives. Does NOT contain any animal products, or by-products.


  • Store in a cool, dry place, free from insect infestation. Do not refrigerate. Once opened, reseal in original bag or similar container and use within three months.




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  • h2info: A nutritious Parrot Food combination of TOP’s Organic pellets, seeds and nuts.

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