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Mirror, mirror, on the wall… who’s the fairest birdie of them all? Oh right, it’s me!

This fun mirror toy for small parrots will keep your bird entertained for hours.

If your small parrot is in need of some enrichment in its cage, this mirror-and-bell combination toy is the perfect choice.
With a jingling metal bell, a bright, shiny plastic heart and a mirror, there’s plenty to keep your inquisitive bird entertained.

Our feathered pets love seeing themselves in the mirror.
They’ll try to preen and sing to the bird in their reflection!
As your parrot plays and preens, the bell will chime along, something that these noise-loving birds absolutely love.
They can spend hours ringing the bell and having fun.

The Looking Good Bird Cage Mirror for Parrots toy can easily and quickly be attached to your parrot’s cage or play gym stand.
It comes with a secure metal pear link and a sturdy metal chain to ensure your bird can swing around and interact with it to its heart’s content.

  • Suitable for small parrots and other birds of similar size (canaries)
  • Provides enrichment and helps prevent boredom
  • Parrots love seeing their reflection and making noise
  • Sturdy plastic can withstand curious beaks
  • Secure pear link attachment and metal chain


  • Total Length 17cm (6.69″)
  • Heart Height 8cm (3.14″)
  • Heart Width 8cm (3.14″)
  • Depth 0.5cm (0.2″)


  • Acrylic, Plastic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.04 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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