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Product Description

The only fruit pellet for African Grey and Amazon Parrots, made exclusively with the natural taste of fruit.

With no added sugar or fructose, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, these tropical fruit flavoured Lafeber Gourmet Pellets provide a nutritionally balanced food for African Greys, Amazons and similar sized Parrots.

Don’t let their natural colour fool you, these delicious morsels are made with real pieces of papaya, mango and pineapple that will take your bird’s taste buds to the tropics.

This gourmet recipe helps ensure that your Parrot gets all the nutrients they need for a full, energetic and healthy life.

Each pellet includes essential vitamins, minerals, and balanced Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, formulated for African Greys, Amazons and similar sized Parrots.

For a truly stimulating mealtime place your Lafeber Gourmet Pellets Tropical Fruit Parrot Food inside foraging toys, this allows your Parrot to display normal feeding behaviours, as naturally they would have to locate, then retrieve their food. It helps to keep them busier for longer and reduce the opportunity for birdie boredom. Remove any uneaten pellets the same day.

Feeding Directions

Offer a fresh serving of Tropical Fruit Gourmet Pellets to your Conure daily, placing in a clean food dish. Average serving portions are as follows:

  • Green Cheek Conure: 2 ½ teaspoons
  • Quaker: 3 teaspoons
  • Sun Conure: 3 ½ teaspoons
  • Caique: 4 teaspoons

Adjust the serving so pellets are available all day

We recommend a completed food such as these Lafeber Gourmet Pellets make up 60% of you bird’s diet. With 30% being fresh vegetables, sprouted seeds, fruits and tree nuts. The final 10% being treats, including sunflower seeds and peanuts.
Always provide plenty of clean, fresh water.


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