Knotty Cube Playbox Parrot Foot Toy

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Product Description

Large wood cube with knotted leather laces.

This Wooden Block Parrot Foot Toy offers lots of fun for your Parrot.

  • A leather block your Parrot can enjoy picking up and throwing around
  • Has wood to chew on for a healthy and trim beak
  • The leather laces are fun to untie
  • Suitable for African Grey, Conure, Cockatoo and more

Watch your Parrot enjoy picking up and throwing the leather block around, encouraging exercise through play.

Chewing on the chunky wood block helps your feathered friend to keep their beak healthy and trim.

For puzzle loving Parrots the knotted leather laces are perfect, as they spend time working at untying them all.

You can easily replace the leather laces, or use other ropes like sisal, cotton, or cardboard to start the fun all over again.


  • Depth 7.5cm (3″)
  • Width 7.5cm (3″)


  • Leather, Wood


  • Weight: 0.23 kg
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