King’s Bright and White Cockatoo Renew & Feather Shine Shampoo 17oz (1 in Stock)

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Product Description

A shampoo specially formulated for Cockatoos and other white feathers.

  • A shampoo designed specially for Cockatoos
  • Cleans feathers and soothes skin
  • Has a lovely coconut scent
  • Suitable for Cockatoos

This King’s Bright and White Cockatoo Renew & Feather Shine Shampoo has been designed with your Cockatoo’s white feathers in mind.

Made with natural aloe vera that cleans, deodorizes, shines feathers and soothes dry skin.
With a lovely fresh coconut fragrance, it gently cleans your Parrot’s feathers without stripping the oils from the skin.
Recommended by avian veterinarians.


  • Deionized Water, Concentrated Surfactant Blend which is detergent and soap free (coconut shampoo base),Vitamins E), Glycerin, EGDS, EDTA Glyceryl Stearate, Aloe Vera, Almond Oil. This product is alcohol free and contains no animal by-products, bleach, or peroxides.

How to Use

  • Place your bird in lukewarm water (not hot) in the sink or tub, depending on the size of your bird. Water level should be no higher than the shoulder height of the bird. Mix 4 tablespoons of Feather Shine Shampoo per gallon of water. Let your bird soak for 7-8 minutes. Massage solution gently over their body, under tail and wings. Rinse and towel dry. Place your bird in a warm area until dry. Use once every 5-6 weeks.


  • Store in a cool dry place. Once opened use within 12 months.


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