Kabob Parrot Treat Holder Foraging Toy for Parrots

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Product Description

Let your parrot enjoy fresh food all day long.

Using your Kabob Parrot Treat Holder you can hang all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables. This way you can keep them clean and easily accessible to your bird. 

You can easily and securely fasten your bird’s treat holder on to your bird’s cage or playtop with the quicklink provided.

Use your Kabob Parrot Treat Holder Foraging Toy for Parrots as the centre for a unique toy for your bird – design it and create it with your own fair hands.

Fasten on variety of materials such as leather, ropes, wood shapes, acrylic shapes, cardboard shapes or anything else you know your bird enjoys.

For some ideas and materials visit our Toy-Making Parts Section.


  • Length 19cm (7.5″)


  • Metal, Plastic


  • Weight: 0.1 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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